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Dear visitor, welcome to the Internet presentation of architectural bureau Arhis Group from Budva, Montenegro. We invite you to get familiar with our work, team of engineers, our projects and references.


About us

Architectural bureau Arhis Group was founded in 2004 in Budva, Montenegro. It was founded with a goal to represent new tendencies in modern architecture, trough its projects of residential, public and commercial buildings. We are trying to connect modern with traditional, old and new. The main component of our work are development of architectural projects and project management. Our architectural bureau provides a complete solution, from consulting and planning exteriors and interiors, to the supervision at  a realisation of actual objects. We also make urban planning studies. We have many finished projects and important references behind us. 

Our offer consists of making a complete technical documentation needed for receiving a building permit. From a prelimenary solution to a final project, including all phases: architecture, construction project, water supply and sewerage instalation, electrical and machine instalation.

Arhis Group office is situated in town of Budva, trully pearl of Montenegrian coast. Our work is becouse of that a compound of imagination, creativity and elegance. We pull our inspiration from the sky above, soil and the sea...

Architectural bureau Arhis Group has an excellent team of fine engineers able to response to any of yours requests.

Jevgenije Pavlović, d.i.a.
director and owner of the architectural bureau Arhis Group
Branislava Pavlović, d.i.a.
Tomislav Jović, d.i.a.
Saša Ilić, d.i.a.

Our business etics can be defined with just sentence - a client is always at the first place.


Arhis Group recived the anual award Cemex for 2008 - a winner in the residential buildings category with the project "Villa in Ivanovici - Budva". The Cemex award represents a prestiguous anual award for architectural achievements.

nagrada Cemex Cemex 2008, Villa u Ivanovici
investor: RTB Montenegro Budva
realisation: RTB Montenegro Budva
architectural solution: architect Jevgenij - Ženja Pavlović, Arhis group d.o.o. Budva

Published papers:

Arhis Group - professionality and inventiveness at work


Our architectural bureau and its engineers are owners of licenses for project documents making as well as the planning license. All lof these licenses are issued by the Engineer Assotiation of Montenegro and Ministry of Economic Development.